How To Get To Peponi Hotel And Lamu Island

Air Kenya SafariLink Fly540
Airport Nairobi
Jomo Kenyatta
Departs Nairobi 14:00 13:45 09.40 (Mon-Sat)
14:00 (Sun)
Arrives Lamu 15:10 15:30 11:40 (Mon – Sat)
16:00 (Sun)
Departs Lamu 15:40 16:00 11:55 (Mon – Sat)
16:20 (Sun)
Arrives Nairobi 17:25 17:45 14:00 (Mon – Sat)
17:55 (Sun)
Via Malindi
on return
- Malindi
both ways
Luggage allowance 15kg 15kg 20kg
Phone 020 501601 020 600777 020 4453252

All times are subject to change without notice. From Mombasa it is best to drive to Malindi and to fly from there on Fly 540. Mombasa Air has occasional flights. It is also possible to visit us by land although it is a bumpy seven hour drive from Mombasa and at least four hours from Malindi. You will have to park your car on the mainland at the Mokowe jetty and take a boat from there to Shela.

Flight Schedule To Lamu Island And Peponi Hotel